Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amsterdam Study Abroad Day 2


Today we rode out to Ouderkerk. Again, as in Denmark, it’s great to have national bike routes to get from one city to the next. People of all ages were out enjoying the beautiful weather – on boat, by bike, walking, on motorized wheelchairs. Ouderkerk was quiet on a Sunday, but we enjoyed a picnic on the canal and a bit of exploration. There were some cute narrow streets some with shopping and some with residences.  On one street it seemed like you could nearly lean out of your window and hand your neighbor across the street a cup of sugar. Is this too close for comfort for Americans? Unlike some of the pedestrian zones I’ve seen on streets of this scale in other cities, it seemed that cars were allowed. Are tese streets any more heavily trafficked on a weekday?

For more pictures, check out my web album.

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